Are Tuners, Programmers, CAIs and aftermarket Parts Worth Spending Money?

Is it worth buying auto parts ?

If you have enough money to buy new parts – definitely not! However, with modern prices and the welfare of citizens, many people are forced to go to the dumps, called our disassemblies, to communicate with dirty little educated sellers and as tramps from the container, to get the most valuable of the heap of scum.

Aftermarket Parts
Aftermarket Parts

Most drivers, when choosing another tuner, do not really think about its content. And often servicing a foreign car can cost much more than a penny. In recent years, in our country, the market of contract spare parts, which is considered the solution to all problems of owners of old cars, has started to develop very rapidly. But is it so, and what are these spare parts?

Where to start. To begin with, find out the cost of a new programmer (of course, anyone but dealers, price lists are the highest), you can see the average prices. If the price is high for you, the delivery time is too long or the part is not delivered at all, you can start searching!

“Contracted” are the most common used parts that have been brought from abroad. With the advent of contract parts on the market, drivers are no longer worried about the life of engines and gearboxes and possible damage to them. It is believed that it is much cheaper to buy a contract engine than to restore your old one. It is often true. To repair an engine or gearbox, you will have to buy new parts, even if not original, but they will be very expensive. Sometimes the cost of repair is higher than the cost of used parts.

Are aftermarket Parts Worth Spending Money?
Are aftermarket Parts Worth Spending Money?

If you drive a Lexus of the last model, used parts will not lead to anything good. Old cars, even Lexus or Infiniti can be repaired on disassembly, because you cannot find new parts for this car. But modern models are better pampered with factory parts, because only in this way you will keep your car reliable and prolong its life. So in the case of luxury cars should not be exchanged for disassembly, let such offers in big cities today quite a lot. You should also refuse to install used parts on new cars, which are under warranty, for the following reasons:

  • you will simply lose the opportunity to use the warranty terms of repair and restoration of vehicles;
  • the new part will fit perfectly into your car’s system and will serve you perfectly for the right time;
  • on disassembly you can never tell whether the factory or analogue part was on the car for disassembly;
  • it’s hard to tell if your used parts will last as long as you need them;
  • it is not possible to determine the lifetime or even year of manufacture of some parts from disassembly;
  • the skilled hands of modern craftsmen, even from virtually non-working parts, make the appearance of new elements.

Thus, you need to be extremely careful when buying tuners, programmers, chips, and cold air intakes, as they can be worse than those already standing on your car. You can read more about diesel tuners for 6.6 duramax if you want to know more about Chevy tuning process.

Is it worth buying spare parts on auto parts parse?

Repairing a car always requires some cost, and in some cases is quite significant. To somehow save on the cost of spare parts, Tyumen car owners buy spare parts on the secondary market. Let’s try to understand the example of Japanese auto parts:

  • non-original spare parts;
  • used parts.

Which Japanese auto parts you should buy

For foreign cars from Japan, the most reliable and problem-free are original spare parts, they have advantages:

  • They are made directly by the manufacturer of the car brand, and therefore always meet all the parameters;
  • the quality of original spare parts is adequate, and they have the lowest reject rate.

The disadvantages of the original can be attributed to high costs, and spare parts for foreign cars sometimes have to order and wait a long time. Auto parts of non-original production also have their advantages – such parts for Japanese cars are relatively inexpensive, but their disadvantages are more:

  • Spare parts do not always correspond to necessary characteristics, and in some cases it is impossible to install them on the car – they do not “fit”;
  • the quality of non-original parts can be different, and sometimes very low.

There is an alternative option – used auto parts, despite the fact that these parts are not new, still are in great demand. Japanese used parts have their advantages:

  • they’re almost always original-made;
  • spare parts are low in price, although still quite functional;
  • the parts are mostly “fit” because they’re taken off the same car.

Used parts can be purchased by hand or at the auto show, but in a specialized enterprise it is preferable to buy them, in this case the buyer receives some guarantees.

Nuances of used parts sale

Buying used parts at the auto show, customers make one major mistake – they do not provide the seller with all the data about their car. The fact is that on the same model of Japanese foreign cars can be installed different parts that are not interchangeable. For example, on Nissan Almera in a complete set with the air conditioner will not fit the engine stove from the car, which has no air conditioner. Other parts can be different depending on the year of manufacture, there are also restyled and restyled versions of the same Japanese car model.

Nuances of used parts sale
Nuances of used parts sale

At all official auto shows the buyer will have no problem to exchange the part (if there is a necessary spare part for exchange) or return the money. But there is one disadvantage – the car owner will have to go to the disassembly once again.

Hardly worth the disassembly to buy consumables and those auto parts that are inexpensive in the store (brake pads, stabilizer racks, steering pads, etc.). Purchase of such parts used is justified only if the car model is rare, and buy cheap to her s / h can not be, or have to order details and long wait.

But to buy electronics, gearboxes, engine parts is very profitable – new parts of this plan is usually mostly expensive, and the original production they almost never happen. The price of the original and s / h used sometimes may differ several times, so there will always be customers at disassembly of cars.